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Lime Juice is a world winning Thai bistro that is operated by family members that bring to the table homemade Thai recipes unlike any other in Atlanta. Flavors of sweet coconut milk, lemon grass, basil and fish sauce, and, of course, lime are all smells that will overwhelm your senses of both taste and smell when you enter Lime Juice.

Where you in the mood for traditional curry, or Pad Thai, Lime Juice has you covered. For the more adventurous coinsurers there are specialties such as Hot Sea to Pud Ped Pla Dock. Nowhere in Atlanta can you get the homemade taste this family brings.

Lime Juice is definitely adding a new and exciting adventure one that is worth exploring whether you are an avid or experienced Thai food eater.

Lime Juice offers delivery as well as a nice sit down casual dining experience.

hotsea   “. . . The kitchen makes it clear that Lime Juice is an experience all its own; a wonderful alternative to the bland and so-and-so’s that dot the landscape of nearby Windward Parkway” –Meredith Ford, AJC

“Lime Juice offers a repast of delicately presented Thai flavors. The thom kha soup is a good way to awaken your senses to Lime Juice’s studied use of sweet and heat” –Access Atlanta, AJC

“Chef Charlie Sunyapong cooks up inspiring authentic, home-style Thai dishes like spicy basil ground chicken with crisp peppers and rice topped with fried eggs, and unexpected delicacies like the luscious papaya salad with green beans and peanuts in a zesty dressing. A  family affair, Lime Juice is owned and operated by the Sunyapong family and their personal recipes feature prominently through the menu.” –Points North Magazine

“Appetizers like the fried fish are an extraordinary way to stir up your appetite for one of Sunyapong’s specialities, such as pud ped pla dook, or as we like to call it in Atlanta, fried catfish” -Points North Magazine


Lime Juice has catered many events throughout the Atlanta area. Lime Juice has been invited by many organizations to provide catering, such as the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

From party tray, dinner gathering to large event, Lime Juice is here to help you plan a menu that is not only appetizing, but very appealing as well.

Please contact us to discuss any catering needs you may have.

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11:00 A.M. — 2:30 P.M.
5:00 P.M. — 9:00 P.M.
12:00 NOON — 9:00 P.M.